How to top-up Arena of Valor Vouchers [Garena Shells]

How to buy Arena of Valor vouchers?

Hello players, I receive some queations and queries in my facebook page about the recharge method of Arena of Valor.

Finally, I found this facebook post of one of the admins of Arena of Valor facebook group which is very helpful. Just read.


❗How to purchase in game vouchers using Garena Prepaid Card/Top up codes.⁉️ 🤔

👉NOTE: Both Android and iOS users can do this since the only needed here is your Facebook account linked to your Garena AOV account.

☑️STEP 1: Go to and tap the Garena AOV game icon.
☑️STEP 2: Log in using your Facebook account used/linked to your AOV account.
☑️STEP 3: Choose the 2nd option "Garena Prepaid Card"
☑️STEP 4: Enter the Garena Prepaid Card / Top up code details and tap/click "Confirm"
☑️STEP 5: Check the top up details first. after checking it, click/tap the "Start Payment Again" button to submit your payment. That's it!

The equivalent vouchers will now be automatically sent to your AOV account in game. Check it out! 🙂

❗Where to buy Garena Shells/Prepaid Cards/Top up Codes⁉️🤔🤔🤔

👍Here are some options to purchase/convert Garena Prepaid Cards/Top Up codes. 😍😍😍

1. (Just search for "Garena Shells", Just read and follow the instructions there - Save 10% example 1000 Gshells = Php900) Shopee is under Garena. It's legit.
2. 7-Eleven
3. Loadcentral
5. Paymaya
6. (Smart/TNT prepaid load - just search for League of Legends to purchase Gshells)
7. (Globe/TM prepaid load - Create an account using your mobile number - just search for League of Legends to purchase Gshells)

Tag your friends who always ask for this :)


If you tried this method, please send us feedback in the comment section.

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